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Welcoming the BODs of 2013/2014!

Introducing the officially installed Board of Directors of Leo Club of SMKS4BK 13/14!

May this year of 2013/2014 be filled with more innovative ideas and opportunities in helping us develop into better individuals with the dedicated aim to serve the community! Here's to greater possibilities, fellow Leos!

Leo Maisarah Faiesall,
Public Relations & IT Director.

2nd Joint Installation 2013/2014

Big thanks to the Leo members who came and congratulations to all who were initiated and installed at our recent joint installation! The event was a success, and needless to say, we all had a great time there!

Initiation of new directors and members

Spot S4BK's very own President, Racquel
2nd from the right!

The fiscal year of 2012/2013 went by like a breeze. As thrilled and enthusiastic we all are to celebrate this new year we are blessed with, we are left with the sad feeling that we would have to continue our journey without our beloved President - Sabrina Yap, Vice President - Shamini Mano, Secretary - Sharvnee and Treasurer - Careyann of S4BK's Leo BODs 2012/2013.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” 
― Lyndon B. Johnson

The time that we all had together as Leo BODs 12/13 was simply too memorable to be forgotten. So we shall let the cherished moments help us grow into an even closer and stronger team for the year of 13/14.

Huge appreciation to our outgoing BODs for not only being there to inspire us with their optimism and dedication at all times, but for strengthening the bond we have together as board of directors. Working together would not be as easy or as enjoyable if not for their constant encouragement. So, THANK YOU! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we believe that your journey in serving the community will not just end here, but will continue spreading to bigger and better opportunities. 

Proud to be Leos and blessed to have been under the guidance of our outgoing BODs. 

Leo Saidatul Maisarah Faiesall,
Public Relations & IT Director.



So we had a photoshooting session for the coming Installation day, finally! Firstly, we'd like to thank Lion Danny for coming to help out! Tho was a scorching hot day but it went all well.

 getting ready...
 Formal shot!
 Shiok Sendiri Girls I
Shiok Sendiri Girls II

A big big thank you to everyone who attended :)

Leo Racquel Ooi.


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